Welcome to New Members of Editorial Board of IJCS Journal


Welcome to the New Members of the Editorial Board of the Indonesian Journal of Chemical Studies Dr. Muhammad Yudhistira Azis, M.Si. (ITB, Indonesia), Dr. Arie Hardian, M.Si. (Unjani, Indonesia), and Dr. Diana Widiastuti, M.Phil. (Unpak, Indonesia).

As an Editorial Board Member, please introduce this journal to your colleagues (especially in your country/region) and encourage them to submit their articles to this journal with respect to the aims and scope of this journal, as well as to review manuscripts submitted in this journal.   We also would like to invite you or your research group to submit your latest original papers or review papers to the journal shortly with respect to the aims and scope of this journal. Therefore, your names have been listed in the Editorial Team of this journal here: https://journal.solusiriset.com/index.php/ijcs/edit-team